Clubs & Activities

Students’ Council Clubs

Basketball Club

The basketball club provides the CMCC community with an inclusive, fun, competitive environment designed to relieve stress and to bring people together. We serve to make a profit for the athletic department, and to be a light on the CMCC property.

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Chiropractic Business Club
As future Chiropractors, it is essential to understand the business of this growing profession. Whether deciding to become a business owner, taking part in an associateship, or becoming a locum Doctor, it is crucial to understand the fundamentals of business. The CMCC Business club provides practical insight on chiropractic; it will take you through the core components of being a part of a business. The club combines night meetings of guest speakers, with small group activity-based exercises to expose you to the basics. We bring in professionals of various backgrounds to educate the students on successful practices, finance, marketing, accounting, and building your brand. The goal behind these meetings is to inspire, motivate, and provide resources on how to take action in our professional development. Together we will work towards becoming successful Chiropractors.

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Chiropractic Christian Fellowship
The Chiropractic Christian Fellowship Club (CCF) exists to provide students with a place to fellowship with other students, encourage one another in their faith, and serve others. The CCF Club is a Christian, biblical-based club, and is inclusive for anyone willing to talk about life, meaning, and spirituality.

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Diagnosis Club
The goal of diagnosis club is to sharpen your diagnosis skills, gain clinical pearls from professionals in the field, and to be exposed to unusual and interesting cases. Our goal is to bring in a variety of specialist such as: chiropractic fellows, researchers, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists and others. These health care providers will provide real cases that they have encountered and relate them to our profession. Collectively, the audience will work through the diagnosis process and appreciate the values of orthopedics.

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Dragon Boat Club

The CMCC Dragon Boat Club is a team consisting of CMCC students and alumni. The club works to bring together students across different years and connect through a medium outside of academia. Come drop in for a workout if you’re interested in seeing what the team is all about, or even if you just want to get a good workout in!

Dryland practices are held on site at CMCC, whereas water practices are off site. Our season runs roughly from September – June, where we’re on the water from April – June

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Fitness Club
The Fitness Club is student lead club that allows students to come to out and do a planned workout lead by their peers. Workouts range from yoga, crossfit, circuit training, hip hop classes, dance aerobics, and pilates. Fitness Club encourages students to stay active by participating in group fitness and gives them the opportunity to meet other students. Not everyone enjoys the competitiveness of intramurals, but one may still want to get involved in a fitness/athletic environment within the school – Fitness Club is the perfect place for that! The goal is to create a fun place for students to come workout and maintain a healthy lifestyle, that we as chiropractors encourage our patients to have. As chiropractic students, we should lead by example and the Fitness Club is where it starts!

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Force Sensing Table Technique (FSTT) Club
The Force Sensing Table Technique (FSTT) Club is a student lead program to help others achieve and sharpen their manual manipulation skills with the use of manikins and force sensing technology. In this club, we work on manikins, and utilize the use of force sensing technology to receive feedback about our manual skills. This is a safe atmosphere, where you will concentrate on becoming consistent with your adjustments, and effective with your manual therapy. We have students from all years at your disposal, to ask for advice and review. This is a great way to interact with your future fellow colleagues, and work on your technique.

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Global Health Initiative Club
Global Health Initiative Club: The Global Health Initiative Club creates awareness for the students of CMCC about international health issues and directly bridges the gap between our local community and the global health community We support organizations that utilize chiropractic in optimizing global health such as World Spine Care and Global Peace Network. Members of this club will help the world-wide health community through fundraising events and awareness efforts.The GHI enhances the connection between CMCC and the international chiropractic community.

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Interprofessional Education (IPE) Council
IPE Council is a non-profit student group of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) committed to advocating interprofessional awareness among the student body of CMCC as well as other professions dedicated to healthcare. IPE Council facilitates collaboration and communication between chiropractic students and other health care professional students as well as the healthcare community. IPE Council coordinates communication between all health care professions recognized by the IPE Council, including Chiropractic, Dentistry, Kinesiology, Medical Radiation Sciences, Medicine, Naturopathic, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physical Education, Physiotherapy, Social Work, Speech Language Pathology, and any future recognized disciplines.

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LGBTQ2+ Alliance Club 

The LGBTQ2+ Alliance Club provides a safe space for students to learn about the unique needs of members of the LGBTQ2+ community and how to provide quality care, encouragement, and inclusive language to fellow students as well as future patients.

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Men’s Basketball
The CMCC’s Men’s basketball club is looking for a few players for this year’s season. The club consists of two seasons (Fall and Winter) each around $200. Games played on Monday nights at the Hoop Dome (Men’s C division).

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Men’s Hockey
The CMCC Men’s hockey club participates in the Adult Safe Hockey League every Tuesday night at York University. The rinks are about a 20 minute drive from the school, traffic dependant. Last year we had four teams, each team composed of students from various years of the CMCC program. It is a great opportunity to meet other students and take some much-needed time away from student life! The cost for the season runs somewhere between $475-500 per person, dependent on how many players and teams we can put in the league. The season runs from September to March/April. All skill levels are welcome!

Contact Zach Swarts or Harry Matheson at

Men’s Soccer
Men’s soccer will be looking to add 3-4 1st year players to the squad this year. We play every Wednesday night starting in October and run until April. Emails for tryouts will be sent closer to tryout dates.

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Motion Palpation Institute
MPI Club promotes the learning and practical application of motion palpation; a diagnostic technique used by chiropractors to locate joint dysfunction. The club aims to help students improve their motion palpation skills as well as their hands-on technique. MPI offers a friendly environment for upper year students to mentor their future colleagues in diverse techniques taught throughout the curriculum. This club is a great opportunity for students to put in extra hours under supervision outside of technique hours to improve their manual skills.

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Music (Choir) Club
Open to everyone and created to achieve three goals. 1) We help to enhance the culture of CMCC through the performing arts. 2) We create a median to continue the passion of music and music education. 3) We leverage the power of music for personal development of each individual by building confidence in public communications, encouraging teamwork, and providing stress relief. All levels of music background and genres are welcome. We meet periodically and do 4-5 CMCC performances every year.

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Outdoor Activity Club
The Outdoor Activities Club is a group of individuals who share an enjoyment with a variety of outdoor activities. As a group, we will be going on snowboard trips, rock climb at various rock climbing gyms, and many more fun activities. If you enjoy the outdoors and physical activity, this club is a perfect fit. With help from many members, we hope to expand your horizons and instill the thrill for the outdoors.

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Paediatric and Family Wellness Club
The Paediatric and Family Wellness Club is where students of all years can gain invaluable experience within the realm of paediatric and pre- and post-natal chiropractic care. Since such an opportunity is limited throughout the CMCC curriculum, club meetings take students through special topics such as pregnancy, birth, infant care, growth and development, and much more! It is a great opportunity for students to become familiar with a population that may want to interact with in the future.

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Radiology Club
The CMCC diagnostic imaging club is a place for students to learn more about radiology! The club is meant to enhance your radiology experience and to provide a friendly and casual environment to learn. During the meetings, a guest speaker presents cases of the week and members have the opportunity to follow along with an appropriate diagnosis strategy, collaborate on diagnosis as a group, and of course ask questions.

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Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (RCCSS) Sports Club

The RCCSS Sports Club’s goal is to help students learn about how Chiropractic fits into the sports world. The focus is on bringing in sports-based chiropractors to the school in either a lecture-based forum or practical session to improve students’ knowledge and skills to allow them to be successful in the sporting world.

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Rehab 2 Performance (R2P)
Rehab to Performance is devoted to “Bridging the Gap” from disability to ability; from treatment in the clinic to participation; and from patient to athlete. This is accomplished by utilizing modern clinical treatment to regain functional capacity. Our Goals: are to promote patient-centered care based in contemporary rehab principles, focus on forming a foundation for future growth and development with the paradigm set for by the International Society of Clinical Rehab Specialist, appreciation for the history, development and future of rehab paradigm, and begin to learn the skill so you can master the art.

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Running Club
Welcome to the world of running! Whether you are a competitive runner, a running enthusiast or are interested in learning more about the sport, all are welcome. There are two components to Running Club: education and activity. We will have guest speakers to learn from experts in the field of running. In addition, we will provide you with a training program to successfully compete in or complete road races! One of the races we aim for is the Backs in Motion 5km and 10 km race in April.  We meet Mondays and Thursdays for runs. Learn and participate to be equipped to treat runners in your future practice!

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Soft Tissue Club
Soft Tissue Club aims to provide CMCC students with weekly instruction in palpation and myofasical therapy. Students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to treatment. Specific emphasis is placed on safe and efficient practitioner body mechanics in order to minimize postural strain. The club provides a hands-on environment to allow students to develop their therapeutic touch and soft tissue therapy skills.

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Thompson Technique Club
The purpose of CMCCs Thompson Technique Club is to build certainty in what we do as chiropractors. This technique system is highly based on neurology which allows us to know when to adjust and when not to. This is a technique system that utilizes drop pieces as a way to deliver gentler adjustments for both doctor and patient. Our goal is to offer an alternative way to adjust patients and provide the neurological rationale behind the technique.

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Unleash Your Potential
Unleash Your Potential is a student run initiative and cycling tour to raise health awareness and make a positive impact on the lives of children across Canada. The objective is to motivate Canadian youth to live healthy and active lives, to teach the importance of exercise and nutrition and to inspire and empower fellow Canadians to take control of their own health. Four members of the club will have the opportunity to cycle across Canada to promote chiropractic care and encourage a healthy lifestyle among youth.

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World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS)
The World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS) is an internal forum representing the chiropractic profession. WCCS’s mission is to advance and unite the global chiropractic profession through inspiration, integrity and leadership.  This organization provides its members the opportunity to travel and meet with students from other chiropractic schools to discuss issues pertinent to the profession, as well as the healthcare system as a whole, providing a unique global perspective of chiropractic.   Students who are interested in contributing to world health, enjoy connecting with fellow chiropractic students and future colleagues across the globe, as well as enjoy travelling are strongly encouraged to join the CMCC Chapter of the WCCS.

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Women’s Hockey
CMCC Carvers – CMCC’s women’s hockey team. We play once a week in a men’s recreational league.

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Women’s Soccer
CMCC puts a team of female soccer players together and join a league in the surrounding area. We have been competitive in every league we have joined, and enjoy getting together once a week to play! At the beginning of the year we have a couple practices and scrimmages to get things going and then move to games once a week as the year progresses.

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Women’s Volleyball
The women’s volleyball team plays in the Toronto Sport and Social Club in the advanced volleyball league every Thursday at Havergal College (in the Avenue/Lawrence area), and play both a fall and a winter season. The goal of our league is to play some competitive volleyball while getting to know people at CMCC from other years, and enjoying the social aspect of volleyball afterwards over beverages and pub fare. Most importantly, this is an opportunity to be physically active while escaping the CMCC bubble!

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